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Cooking for a Cause, Fulfil your CSR responsibilities!

Cooking for a Cause allows your teams to give back to the community. 

This is the perfect CSR program to first bring awareness to how gratitude plays a major part in leading your team to success. The team will put that feeling of gratitude into action by preparing gourmet food items that you’ll donate to your preferred local charity.

Teamwork is required as all teams are cooking for a common CSR cause. Your team gets to learn excellent cooking skills, healthy menu planning and recipes through our experience Chef.  You may choose to cook a sumptuous 3-course meals from our COOK & DINE.  You’ll still get to enjoy a fun and challenging event, plus a fantastic meal to eat and enjoy together. Your team will get to enjoy your own cooking and knowing together that you may made a real impact to someone’s day.

When possible, staff from the benefiting organization will be on hand to receive the donations. What a great way to build your team and give back to the community!


Team building
A percentage of your funds used for participation maybe be donated to your preferred recognized charity organization (upon request - optional)
A delicious meal!
Improve team morale
Good feelings that come from giving to someone in need


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