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Team Development


New team orientation?

Leadership in Transition?

Corporate Restructure?

Cooking Team Bonding “Team Development” is the answer to you!

We will bring energy, fun and focus back to teams of all shapes, sizes and turmoil. We’ll deliver focused-fun and collaboration that will ensure your staff arrive as individuals and leave as a team. 

Choose your own Team Breakfast, Team Brunch, Team Lunch, Team High Tea or Team Dinner cuisine from around the world!

The Team Development experience is similar to our flagship event Team Cuisine, a fun and effective way to bring your team together, bond as a group and learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.

A typical team development experience begins with your participants arriving and wondering what they will be doing for the next couple of hours. They are handed an apron and asked to wash their hands in preparation. Soon, a Team Development trainer begins the program with a brief but important orientation of the program including safety lessons and basic knife skills. The group is quickly formed into teams either by our Chef or by your staff before the start of the event. Each team chooses a team leader or “chef de cuisine” and is presented with their team’s culinary challenge. Now the fun begins as the teams begin creating their culinary masterpieces.

The team will prepare the meals or their choice and at the end of the session they will eat the fruits of their labour together. A short debrief which is designed to bring the Team process back to the workplace will be included.


• Fun

• Negotiation
• Prioritization
• Communication
• Innovation
• Problem solving

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